altmetrics16. Moving beyond counts: integrating context

The 2016 Altmetrics Workshop

Bucharest • 27 September 2016


  • altmetrics16 will be live streamed – unfortunately we are currently experiencing technical difficulties!
  • The program is available.
  • Submission is now closed. We are reviewing the contributions and will send out notifications soon!
  • We have extended the call for contributions, you can still submit via EasyChair until 21 August 2016!
  • The call for contributions is out! Submit your work by via EasyChair by 14 August 2016.
  • We are happy to announce that this year’s workshop will again be co-organized with the Altmetrics Conference and will take place before 3:AM on 27 September 2016.  More information regarding registration for the workshop will follow soon!

About the Workshop

altmetrics16 is a follow-up to the successful altmetrics11, altmetrics12altmetrics14 and altmetrics15 workshops. The workshop is co-organized with the 3rd Altmetrics Conference (3:AM) and will take place on 27 September 2016 at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila in Bucharest, Romania.

Altmetrics aim to measure diverse research output and impact beyond traditional bibliometric indicators. They are based on diverse forms of engagement and audiences that exceed formal peer-reviewed communication and transcend the scholarly community. Although altmetrics set out to make research evaluation fairer by considering all types of research products and different forms of impact, the majority of currently collected and applied altmetrics focus on online activity related to traditional publications only. Moreover, most altmetrics are reduced to simple counts ignoring rich contextual and network information, which would provide the opportunity to specify various types of impact based on diverse audiences and engagement.

Against this background, the altmetrics16 workshop will focus on altmetrics beyond mere counts and correlations and target approaches with more contextual perspectives. It particularly invites contributions that uncover the full potential of underlying data sources, improve altmetric data quality, and provide theoretical and conceptual frameworks to differentiate and define various types of uses.  


Following the format of the 2015 workshop, we hope to make altmetrics16 a platform for active discussions and exchange among researchers and practitioners to reflect upon current and future challenges of altmetrics. The workshop will thus focus on providing the basis for dynamic discussions among participants. To foster active participation, prospective workshop participants are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract highlighting a topic and research questions they would like to address during the workshop. Contributions can be based on empirical work and novel datasets as well as theoretical frameworks related to altmetrics. In order to maximize time to exchange ideas and collaborate, not all submissions will be presented. The program committee will select a few key contributions for presentation to spark discussions.



Welcome (8:30-9:00)

Opening (9:00-9:15)

Session 1 – Methodology (9:15-11:05)

Presentations (9:15-9:55)
Breakout groups session 1 (9:55-11:05)

Coffee break (11:05-11:30)

Session 2 – Datasets, sources and tools (11:30-13:10)

Presentations (11:30-12:15)
Breakout groups session 2 (12:15-13:10)

Lunch (13:10-14:00)

Session 3 – Disciplines, countries and other factors that influence altmetrics (14:00-14:50)

Presentations (14:00-14:40)

Session 4 – Scholarly communication on social media (14:40-16:30)

Presentations (14:40-15:10):
Breakout groups sessions 3 and 4 (15:10-16:30)
Coffee break (16:30-17:00)
Closing (17:00-17:30)
    • Reporting back
    • Closing remarks

The workshop will be also be live streamed via the 3:AM YouTube channel:

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the live stream. Sessions are recorded and will be made available on the YouTube channel. Please check Twitter for updates!


Call for contributions

We are soliciting empirical and theoretical contributions for short presentations and as a basis for discussions, which will be the main focus of the altmetrics16 workshop. Submissions can focus on empirical analyses, novel theoretical frameworks, original datasets or represent a position paper. The goal of the workshop is to discuss, exchange and foster collaboration on altmetrics between researchers and practitioners. While an abstract is not a requirement to attend the workshop, we strongly encourage prospective participants to submit a contribution to seed the discussions. The organizers will give priority to submissions linking to original research artifacts and focusing on the theme of this year’s workshop. All accepted submissions will be made available via the workshop website prior to the workshop.

How to submit

Please provide an extended abstract (max 1,000 words) presenting your altmetrics research contribution and highlighting particular issues you would like to discuss with other workshop participants. Abstracts can be submitted via EasyChair. Please include a link to any relevant artifact (e.g., a dataset, plots, slidedeck) you wish to present and discuss, after archiving it via an appropriate repository (e.g., Dryad, figshare, GitHub, SlideShare, etc.).

Contributions should be submitted by 21 August 2016 and will be curated by the altmetrics16 committee for their relevance and technical soundness.

Accepted contributions will be made available on the workshop website by 29 August 2016. A limited number of contributions will be selected for short presentations. Notifications to authors of submissions shortlisted for presentations will be sent by 29 August 2016.

Important dates

  • 30 June 2016: call for contributions
  • 14 August 2016: submission deadline
  • 21 August 2016: extended submission deadline
  • 29 August 2016: notification of acceptance
  • 29 August 2016: registration opens
  • 27 September 2016: altmetrics16 workshop


Online registration is now closed. On-site registration will not be possible.


The workshop is co-organized with the 3rd Altmetrics Conference (3:AM) and will take place on 27 September 2016 at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bulevardul Eroii Sanitari 8, Bucharest (Romania) in the Thoma Ionnescu reading room. The reading room is located on the 1st floor, up the stairs from the main hallway on the left.