Consistency among altmetrics data provider/aggregators: What are the challenges?

The 2015 Altmetrics Workshop
Amsterdam, 9 October 2015

Zohreh Zahedi
Martin Fenner
Rodrigo Costas


This research deals with investigating consistency of data across three altmetrics providers or aggregators:, Mendeley and the Open Source software Lagotto (used by PLOS, CrossRef and others). The aim of this study is to explore if metrics for a same set of publications are consistent across them and if not, what are possible reasons that explain these differences. By consistency we mean having (reasonably) the same score for the same DOI per source across different altmetrics providers/aggregators. For a proper development of the altmetric research and practice, it is critical to understand any potential similarity or difference in metrics across different altmetric aggregators.
For this purpose, a random sample of 30,000 Crossref (15,000) and WoS (15,000) DOIs from 2013 has been considered. The data collection has been done at the same date/time on July 23 2015 starting at 2 PM CEST using the Mendeley REST API, dump file and the Lagotto open source application. Similar sources and metrics across these 3 providers have been analyzed and compared (Facebook, Twitter, Mendeley, CiteULike and Reddit).

Coverage and intensity of DOIs across altmetrics providers/aggregators
Table 1 shows the overall statistics for all the 30,000 DOIs and average counts for the papers with at least one event (intensity) in the sample.

Supplementary materials