Altmetrics of altmetrics literature

The 2015 Altmetrics Workshop
Amsterdam, 9 October 2015

Mojisola Erdt
Aarthy Nagarajan
Sei-Ching Joanna Sin
Yin-Leng Theng


As the awareness of altmetrics grows, an increasing number of people from different sectors, disciplines and countries are becoming more interested in finding out the potential benefits and challenges of altmetrics. Universities, libraries, funding agencies, and researchers share common questions regarding altmetrics: What are altmetrics? When did research on altmetrics commence and what topics have been investigated? How do altmetrics compare to traditional metrics? Are there any studies measuring this and what are their findings? In an attempt to answer these questions, we performed a systematic literature review of research on altmetrics and analysed the altmetrics of altmetrics literature.

Supplementary materials